Dorsey Metrology countersink and chamfer gages offer fast, accurate measurement of the top diameter of tapered holes, countersinks, chamfers center drill holes, valve seats, etc. and are used for inspection of a large variety of part applications. Models are available to measure the major diameter of an I.D. countersink or the minor diameter of the O.D. chamfer in various gage ranges and in two angular styles. Readings are available in inch, metric or digital indicator formats.

Countersink gages and chamfer gages are usually hand-held, light, portable and easy to use instruments. They can also be mounted on bench stands if the parts being measured are small. They both perform the measurement through a plunger mechanism, but they don't measure the depth of the hole. Rather, they measure the largest diameter of the hole, where it intersects the top surface of the part. To convert the vertical motion of the plunger into a diameter measurement, the gages require an indicator with a special-ratio movement or readout.