Large Diameter Adjustable Frame Gages

  • LDA Large Diameter Gage

    LDA Series Large Diameter Gages

    Our most popular adjustable series of ID/OD gage uses rigid steel tubing, cast end blocks, and a precision right angle transfer mechanism similar to our bore gages which give accurate and... Learn More

  • LBBS Carbon Fiber Large Diameter Gage

    LBBS Series Large Diameter Gages

    LBBS series gages use a precision bushing slide mechanism for applications where retraction is required beyond the range of the indicator. The movement is light, sensitive, and accurate while free... Learn More

  • LDDA Large Diameter Gage

    LDDA Series Large Diameter Gages

    These direct reading gages feature lightweight rigid steel tubing, and cast end blocks to accommodate depths up to 5". The indicator contacts the part directly on this series of gage;... Learn More

  • LDLTA Large Diameter Gage

    LDLTA Series Large Diameter Gages

    The LDLT series gage uses 1:1 ratio lever principle. This method of motion transfer is used in conditions of limited accessibility such as face grooves. This low friction transfer is also ideal... Learn More

  • LDVA Large Diameter Gage

    LDVA Series Large DIameter Gages

    The LDVA is similar to the LDA series gage, except that it offers adjustment in the vertical axis to accommodate depths up to 5".

  • LDRA Large Diameter Gage

    LDRA Series Large Diameter Gages

    The LDRA gage uses twin parallel rails for a versatile and economical adjustable frame. End blocks and rests blocks act as reinforcing braces to the rail system once locked in appropriate gaging... Learn More

  • LDAR Large Diameter Gage

    LDAR Series Large Diameter Gages

    LDAR gages feature a lightweight tubular steel frame with a reed pantograph movement. The pantograph movement utilizes parallel springs to transfer motion and is well suited to production... Learn More

  • Midget Reed Gage

    Midget Reed Gages

    This economical, heavy duty production gage features a rigid steel plate frame and our bullet proof reed spring gaging transfer. The LDAR mechanism is impervious to coolants, dirt and contaminants... Learn More

  • LDR Large Diameter Gage

    LDR Series Large Diameter Gages

    The LDR Series gage uses a lightweight stainless steel tubular frame and a reed pantograph movement. This pantograph movement utilizes parallel reed springs to transfer motion and is well suited... Learn More

  • LDB Large Diameter Gage

    LDB Series Large Diameter Gages

    LDB series gages use a lightweight stainless steel tubular frame and a precision ball bushing slide mechanism. This gage can be switched from ID to OD and is designed to be used where a full inch... Learn More

Large Diameter Fixed Frame Gages

  • LDF Large Diameter Gage

    LDF Series Large Diameter Gages

    LDF series production gages utilize fixed frames which are more rigid, lighter and more compact than LDA series adjustable gages. LDF gages are normally used for tight tolerances and built to... Learn More

  • LDDF Large Diameter Gage

    LDDF Series Large Diameter Gages

    LDDF Series gages includes all the same features as the LDDA series gages except both cast end blocks are rigidly bolted and pinned in place. This makes the LDDF stronger and lighter.

  • LDLTF Large Diameter Gage

    LDLTF Series Large Diameter Gages

    LDLTF Series gages includes all the same features as the LDLTA series gages except both cast end blocks are rigidly bolted and pinned in place. This makes the LDLTF Series more rigid for tighter... Learn More

  • Carbon Fiber C Frame Large Diameter Gage

    Carbon Fiber C Frame Gages

    If you're using large conventional C-Frame gages that are cumbersome due to their weight, try our new carbon fiber C-Frame gages.

Large Diameter Setmasters

  • SMA Setmaster

    SMA Setmasters

    SMA Series setmasters feature a precision ground steel rail as the rigid foundation for adjustability. These masters can be continuously reset for various dimensions or they can be set, sealed,... Learn More

  • SMF Setmaster

    SMF Series Fixed Frame Setmaster

    SMF Series setmasters are designed to be used in a production environment where a specific set size is required. These masters use solid steel rails with precision ground end blocks bolted and... Learn More

  • SMVA Setmaster

    SMVA Setmasters

    SMVA setmasters offer the same features as the SMA Series setmasters except that they allow for vertical adjustment to accommodate various gaging depths. Adjustable hardened rest plates... Learn More

  • SSM Setmaster

    SSM Series Solid Frame Setmaster

    Solid setmasters are ground to a specific size and are not adjustable. The is type of setmaster is recommended for use when the part tolerance is less than .002". The base can be made from tubular... Learn More