Dorsey receives The Business Excellence Award

Ted & Devon Luty
Photo credit: Karl Rabe/Poughkeepsie Journal

After having an outstanding year, Dorsey Metrology receives The Business Excellence Award for manufacturing from the Dutchess County Economic Development Corp.

Dorsey introduces new bore gage models

Precise measurement of large bore surfaces using dial indicating and digital instruments in the past was difficult and not economical. But that scenario is about to change with the introduction of #7 standard style and #8 standard style bore gages. These gages feature modular design, that can be easily assembled to measure a variety of large bore diameter. These instruments reachability can be easily extended to evaluate conditions of a deep bore.

Top business blogging benefits

In the era of internet, online presence of businesses is considered low. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to tap into that endless market, and improve their business and profits. What sets blogging apart from other types of websites is the appearance of content. It is presented on page in the form of posts. Blogs are also updated more frequently that normal websites, in return creating a reason for a visitor to come back again. So why should businesses have a blog?

Blogging offers some compelling advantages. Many more people are blogging because there are real benefits to it.

ISO Quality Management System Document Control

ISO places special emphasis on the need for Document Control within Quality Management Systems. The standards specify that control is to be reinforced for all relevant aspects of the business.

Effective ISO Quality Management System Document Control ensures that employees and staff have all the information they need to perform their tasks efficiently. The documented and controlled Quality Manual, Standard Operating Procedures, Work Instructions and forms serve as the guideline across all functions of the business.

Bridgeport Series II Vertical Milling Machine For Sale - Sold

Machine is now sold.

This page is left to provide technical information about that machine. It is no longer available. Please do not inquire about it.

A kilogram does not weigh a kilogram anymore.

At least according to NIST.

So how exactly is a mass of 1 kilogram defined? In 1889 it was defined as a mass of platinum-iridium cylinder, and it's almost equal to the mass of 1 liter of water. Originally there were 40 cylinders made in 1884. To this day it's the only International Systems of Units (SI) unit still defined by an physical artifact. Other units, once represented by artifacts, were quantified in terms of mathematical constants. However, kilogram still affects some of them.

2010 World Quality Day

World Quality Day was first introduced in 1990 by United Nations to increase worldwide consciousness of the essential contribution that quality makes toward a nation's and organization's growth and prosperity. The term quality is everywhere, in all aspects of life. For organizations, however, deploying quality advances is a prerequisite for creating a sustainable business.

Dorsey Metrology is now ISO 17025:2005 accredited calibration laboratory

Dorsey Metrology is pleased to announce the recent accreditation of its calibration laboratory to ISO 17025:2005 status.

This accreditation allows Dorsey to perform ISO 17025 calibration for our optical comparators, dial indicators, digital indicators, ID/OD gages and masters, depth/height gages and masters, and thickness gages and masters, both old and new.

Dorsey RSS Feed now available at feedburner

Dorsey Metrology RSS feed can be accessed with feedburner now. We just published our blog feed so if you prefer feedburner you're welcome to do so. To subscribe, please visit the link below:

Dorsey introduces new line of large diameter gages

Dorsey is proud to introduce a new line of products in response to demand for large measuring diameters. Our new Ultra Large Diameter Gages have been designed to meet the largest, accurate measuring needs outside the capabilities of the traditional Dorsey Metrology gage family. This ultra large series measures large parts in the range of 60”, 1500 mm to 240”, 6000 mm, while maintaining accuracy, stability, and rigidity.